Usage Policy

As part of the Acceptable Use of West el-Balad for e-commerce Policy, you agree not to use the information, services or any other part of the West el-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com) to take any action or actions that:
  • Conflict with the image of the public for West el-Balad for e-commerce, goodwill or reputation.
  • Promote any illegal activity or content, including but not limited to child or animal abuse, violence, illegal drug use, and underage drinking.
  • You infringe the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights, publicity or privacy rights of us or other companies.
  • Not to share explicitly or implicitly any of your data, activities or reasons that we have acknowledged, without our prior written consent in each case.
  • Violate any applicable law, decree or regulation in the country, or encourage any conduct that could constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability.
  • Defamatory, threatening, harassing, invasive of privacy, abusive, harmful, hateful, discriminatory, pornographic, or obscene.
  • Sending any trade secret, other information or non-public information about any person, company or entity without permission.
  • Restrict or prevent any other visitor from using the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com), including, but not limited to, "hacking" or defacing any part of the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform or modifying, altering, sub-license, translating, selling, reverse engineering, retranslating, or decompiling any part of the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com).
  • Remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in the West El-Balad for the e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com).
  • Sub-contract, sell, copy, lease, transfer, assign or transfer any rights under the Terms to any third party, or commercialize or otherwise profit from the information or content of the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com), or any portion thereof, in any way, except as expressly permitted herein.
  • "Print" or "copy" any part of the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com) without our prior written permission.
  • Distribute any virus, worm or any similar or harmful files, scripts or programs.
  • Interfering with or disrupting any services or equipment with the intention of causing excessive or disproportionate load on the infrastructure of West El-Balad for e-commerce, its licensees or suppliers.
  • Use any robot, network, site search/retrieval, or any other manual or automatic device or process to retrieve or index the Data Store in the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com) or reproduce or circumvent in any way the redirecting structure or presentation of the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com) or the contents, authentication and security measures.
  • Falsification of addresses or identities or manipulation of identifiers in order to conceal the origin of any transmission.
  • Perform any form of network monitoring or run a network analyzer, search packet or other technology to intercept, decode, extract or display any packets used for communication between (Dukan-eg.com) servers or any data not intended for you, or images, harvest or collect information about any visitor or members of the West El-Balad for e-commerce Platform (Dukan-eg.com) without their express consent.
  • Contains any reference to or likeness to any identified third parties, unless consent is obtained from all such individuals and their parents/legal guardians if they are under the age of majority as per the law of the country.